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Reactor , Research Manager - For privacy and security concerns our research manager can not publicy give out his real name at this time.
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Welcome to Time Travel Institute

Welcome to Time Travel Institute, a premier, experienced, research facility.

The Time Travel Institute was established to do research into searching the continuum meaning the past, present, and future and yes other time lines with the aid of cryptology and computers. It has been a pet project of Reactor's for the last couple of years now before this project was given a home here at the time travel institute. The Time Travel Institute was established specifically for real life serious time travel research. This site is not a fictional site.

The basic components to this time travel research is merely specially designed and programmed binary counters with data mining technology. The principle is to use check-sum hacking (the science of constructing files from a check-sum) to reconstruct computer media files from the future or the past. The way that happens is the counters run constructing computer media files and our search technology looks at these files one by one for files that may be from the future or the past. And that media can include computer media from other time-lines. The time travel media it searches for is pictures, videos, and other computer files and verifies it as much as possible before writing it out to a file to be viewed by a human later.

There is more to us than our universe. The first three dimensions of our universe is space. The forth dimension is time. The fifth dimension is where are reality for space and time exist. Besides our universe there is another universe called the computational world which exist in the 5th dimension. In that world is all the information that is possible to exist in our own universe. The computational world is so vastly larger than our own universe that there is no way to put a size on it that anyone can understand. In the computational world is our own past, our own future, and all the realities in between. So at the end of the day what our computers are doing is simulating the 5th dimension. From the 5th dimension time-travel is possible. From the 5th dimension the future and the past can be accessed.

The other part of this project is communicating through space time itself. It works on principles similarly used by another program called Rsync. Rsync works by sending a file over a weak internet connection using weak and strong check sums. The computer on the other side uses these check sums to recreate the file. What our computers and code both do is they use no internet at all. Instead they use an algorithm. If A in the past and B in the future both know the weak checksums range with C being the lower end range and D being the highest end range that their messages to each other through space-time will be in then B in the future can construct a message with a file attachment and A in the past using computers, binary counters, and search bots can find the message from B in the future to A in the past by searching the high, middle, and low known checksum range. Our code only uses the principle of using weak checksums to recreate a file sent from one location in space-time to another location in space-time via computers employing cryptology methods to run specially programmed binary counters, and running specially programmed search engines to search those binary counters. With the process of "Time-Hacking" we are decrypting computer media of other times and places out of space-time itself. In essence we have hacked gods computer and stolen his files. In reality we have built a time machine with computers by mathematically simulating the fifth dimension. So we have started calling our software a 5th dimension simulator.


Burris Numerical System - Expressing Numbers As A Function of Space and Time

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